Open Company Classes

Whitley Locks

Wednesdays 12pm EST
Adults, Teens

Join Whitley every Wednesday for a high energy workout and upbeat tunes to create the perfect sweat sesh! This class will alternate bursts of cardio with full body sculpting, providing an efficient and effective workout. Each week we will be building the intensity and getting stronger together. Get ready to sweat it out and have a blast!

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Emily Hart Lopez

Wednesdays 6:30pm EST
Adults, Teens

HartHeels class is for the open level dance student looking to gain more confidence in dancing in heels as well as work on foundational dance technique and stylistic choreography retention. The class will consist of warm up/drills and choreography, and is a safe and positive space for dancers and movers to come together in community while developing their skills in a fun and welcoming environment.

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Lyndsay Dru Corbett

Kids' Dance & Theatre
Saturdays 3:00pm EST
Elementary School Ages

Kids' Dance & Theatre will focus on developing two or three creative choreography combinations to popular songs that kids can enjoy. Kids will also learn new acting skills each week through creative games and will deepen understanding of story structure through dramatic interpretations of children's stories.

Family Dance Party
All Ages

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Marc Nuñez

Sip 'n' Step
Fridays at 8pm EST
All Ages (21+ to Drink)

Sip 'n' Step is a happy hour dance class for all! This is a 1-hour open level adult dance class.

We'll learn fun dances to music by popular artists. Every 6-8 minutes, a "Sip Siren" goes off (played by my boyfriend, DJ Teo), which means it's time for a sip of our adult beverages (optional, of course!).

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Kids' Hip-Hop
Fridays 4:00pm EST
Ages 6-9

Teens' Hip Hop
Fridays 5:00pm EST
Ages 10-15

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Harumi Elders

Tight & Toned
Thursdays at 7pm EST*
Adults, Teens

Tight & Toned is a 1 hour full body workout, geared to tone each muscle group at a high intensity. All levels welcome!

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Nadia Khayrallah

Flow-Mo Yoga
Fridays at 6pm EST*
Adults, Teens

An energizing Vinyasa-based Yoga flow made adaptable to all ages, bodies, and levels. Let’s breath, sweat, stretch, wobble, and align, test our edges, respect our boundaries, see what we lose and find. No experience or mat required, but having fun is recommended!

*Please check back in January 2021.