Dear New York (2020)

Dear New York is a collection of love notes to New York City to hold close to heart during this global pandemic and polarizing political climate. Once the cultural hub for artists and international crossroads, NYC sometimes feels like an empty playground. How do the Artists who stayed behind continue to create in a society that deems them non-essential?

"An Artist's duty is to reflect the times." -Nina Simone

Dear New York is a series of six dance films created during our one-week residency made possible through Long Island School of Ballet, Queensboro Dance Festival, and our donors via The Field.

midsummer (day)dream (2020)

midsummer (day)dream was created in happenstance. This was a moment of three dancers being at the same place at the same time, longing for the moment until we meet again.

Summer Suite 1.0 (2019), 2.0 (2020), 3.0 (2021) as part of Queensboro Dance Festival

Summer Suite is a fun, upbeat street jazz and hip hop dance medley set to global pop music ranging from Korean to Spanish to Arabic. As the summer progresses, the suite rotates up to 13 dancers and up to six dance routines.

Oftentimes in Eurocentric institutions and most higher education dance programs, the label of ethnic or folk dance is unfairly given to everything that is neither ballet nor modern dance. The goal of Summer Suite is to show that the modern American style of street jazz and hip hop dance exists without borders and the music is just as hype as American pop and hip hop music.

Spread Love (2018)

Spread Love is a short, sweet dance film with a timeless message.

A Fish Out of Water (2017)

Boundless in Brooklyn 2017 Winner and Audience Favorite
Official Selection Cine Corps Dance Film Festival 2018 (Paris, France)

A Fish Out of Water was a true collaboration between Choreographer, Marc Nuñez and Filmmaker, Daniel Schloss. In this 48 Hour Dance Film Contest, the three inclusion items given were: lighting store (location), pivot turn (movement), and koi fish (object).

This feels like home. (2017)
The Performance Project at The University Settlement
Queensboro Dance Festival 2017

This feels like home. is a dance and language performance project. As Artist-in-Residence, Director Marc Nuñez collaborated with Julie Condon, English Language Teacher, to help teach English to adult immigrants and new Americans. Language is often the largest barrier in migrating to a new home. What are the challenges of leaving home? When does this new land feel like home?

This feels like home. featured Gotham Dance Theater, students of the adult literacy program, and special guest artist, Mike Esperanza.

For more about the project, visit our 2017 Kickstarter page HERE.

Other (2016)
The Tank NYC & Triskelion Arts

Male. Caucasian. Christian. Heterosexual. American.

When none of the above applies, you are left with Other. Other explores the various forms of identity and both its unity and its separation through music, theater and dance.

"As soon as you are born you are given a name, a religion, a nationality and race. You spend the rest of your life defending a fictional identity." - Deepak Chopra

Fade to Black (2015-16)
The Tank NYC & Queensboro Dance Festival 2015

Life lived, life lost, and life continued.

Fade to Black is inspired by the arteries of New York City, the subway system, where millions of people from diverse racial, social, and economic backgrounds inevitably share one common destination and experience at some point: Death. Fade to Black shares stories about love, conflict, compassion, and apathy through contemporary dance that utilizes a combination of strong ballet technique, syncopated hip-hop isolation, and also common gestural movement.